Monday, October 26, 2009

Things! and more things!

It's been QUITE a while. They were right when they said graduates get stuck in jobs aside from illustration so they don't starve, and end up not doing art.
Well I'm trying to NOT do that.
Don't work for inventory companies. They SAY they're easy, but really they eat your life with 15 hour days counting grocery stores.
I've gotten a few potential illustration type jobs that I'm working on!

For now I did a new promo piece out of sheer random inspiration that came from nowhere.
Hopefully that will happen more often!

I have plans for some other things, including a new portrait to add to the series. Though whether it will really fit in the series is to be seen, as the personality of the lovely Miss Nina Flowers is a little too explosively colorful to be so limited in palette as the others have been!

Also! I am working on a sculpture!!! what of you say? well here is a preview:


one day he will be a latex thing of love.

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