Thursday, April 30, 2009

Allison Lohman- White Oleander

Based on alison lohman's role in white oleander~

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Portrait Series/ Editorial Illustrations

Well, I used to be a ridiculous portrait realist. Quite a switch I guess! But I decided to go back to my roots and do a series based on people that I love/character that inspire me from movies etc.
There are going to be four in the series. I'm working on three and four now.

Kevin Spacey from American Beauty:

Daniela Sea as her awesome genderqueer self:

And two of my editorial pieces:

Gender based hate crimes:

Artemis modernized:

Of course she is a lesbian pimp.

Book Illustration

Here are some of my book illustrations/ story illustrations. My favorite 8D This first one is from a personal story.

The next two are works in progress from Brisingr, part of the Eragon series.

Not entirely satisfied with this one, so WIP. Planning to print it out and draw some linework into that fog possibly:

And the line drawing for the first one, I was pretty happy with it :-)

and this is the pre-photoshop version of the second. Sometimes I like to edit them more in photoshop to get more even effects, like the darkening in front, and I used a texture for the fog. Plus once I had that granite texture in I did NOT want to touch it, haha.

This is from a story called River of Names by Dorothy Allison.

From Stone Butch Blues by the amazing Leslie Feinburg

The rest are from Personal Narratives...

and for fun, some of the other pieces I'm planning for Brisingr. Some of them changed drastically XD the first thumb in each image are practically exactly the same though, that knife one I'm working on RIGHT now...

Character Work

Well, I figured it's high time I finally start using this thing. So since I have a ton of stuff not uploaded yet, I'll group things together to make it easier XD
So this is some of my character work from the past few weeks. Nothing is colored yet but I plan to :-)

Redesign of that psycho NOID character from the 80's dominos commercials. haha, good times.

One character from super thin to chubby


Animating the inanimate...

cute to brute in five easy steps!


and one in progress preview. this is only a piece of the image, but it's my favorite piece haha. I love these guys :-)